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Mature Content

C21--monster hands by TrystlsColoringBook

    "Oh my God!" She screamed, just as she always did  when they came for her. "What do you want with me? Why won't you leave me alone?"
    Night after night, they invaded her dreams; they ripped off her clothes and mauled her body. Strings of gray saliva dripped from their grotesque mouths. The putrid flesh still clung to their hands and arms, but she could feel it moving like bags of mush around harder bone. They pinched her nipples and tugged at her limbs. Sometimes they spread her open--like children tugging on a wishbone. Other times they bent her limbs and stretched her joints until they ached from the unusual positions. Alwasy, they touched her in ways that might have been sexually stimulating, if it had been anyone else's hands; but what they did to her just made her feel sick. 

     Why did they torment her like this night after night? Lately, even her days had come to be filled with waking dreams. She tried to shake herself awake, but it was becoming harder and harder--as if each time they came for her they were able to delve a little deeper into her tortured mind. Eventually, she feared, they would come for her and she would never wake up. 
    "Leave me alone," she begged, as tears came unbidden to her eyes. 
    But the hulking bodies continued their ever silent assult. They moved like marionettes, pulled by invisible strings; the eyes of their husk-like bodies totally empty of any thought. 
princesskittehh Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017   Filmographer
All done. Hope you like it. 🖤
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